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Juan Chamero, Instructor Jefe

Psycho physical Improvement Courses

Body Mind - Excellence Online


Theses courses have been followed by 33 Institutional Groups
and are NOW being online practiced by nearly 8,000 persons!

Our Chief Instructor, Ing. Juan Chamero, will be in Madrid, Spain, presenting his new body mind fitness methodology until the end of the present year. He could be contacted either by email or by voice at +34 91-711-2709, preferably at late night or by ordinary mail at C/Adanero 1, 6, 3, Madrid (28024), Spain.

Saludo al sol

Are these a series of Psycho Physical Improvement Courses to be followed anywhere because the magic of Internet!. Either by people "in solitude" or in "small Groups" of no more than 3 persons "online" or locally in Groups, "Group Mode", of up to 25 persons.

This last mode must be coordinated with the Instructor by email, Ing. Juan Chamero, for it generally involves his programmed visits to the place where the Group lives, sometimes including the "Training of Future Instructors", in this new methodology.

For practitioners "in solitude": it is mandatory to be registered and to take the suggested Tests. Once registered and be taken the tests the Instructor will give to each participant one ID and a personal "password" in order to accede gradually to the different blocks of the course.

Notwithstanding for the unregistered people the site has a rather big amount of classes to be visited without any restriction.


Important: HIV/AIDS people are invited to participate in a version of the course especially adapted to improve the immunity system and the general equilibrium: see Human Potential Optimization for people with HIV/AIDS. For additional information you must address to jach_spain@yahoo.es


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